Inspire me

{April 23, 2012}   …whoa

spell hate wrong lol… omg i cant believe i made my first real “good’ grade awesome!!! (in geometry) but its all good though.

{April 23, 2012}   … my day

this is a very boring project i ahte this project,,

{April 20, 2012}   ….OMG!!!!

i havent wrote in awhile .. i am so ready to go home i am sooo sleepy. …. I hope i do something fun this weekend 🙂

{March 30, 2012}   …….im not in a good mood

my head like hurts like really bad and i dont feel like doing these scenarios

{March 28, 2012}   springgg break

it was awesome i relaxed, and went out to have a good time …. it was the best break ever!!!!!!!! now im back in school 😦

{February 29, 2012}   My day Today

i feel so bumped out! … i cant to get out, but i did have a good lunch.

{February 27, 2012}   …another week

well back in school last week was kinda of fun because i did not do any work in all but 1 class well 2 odd and even , but even was the best.. i hope we have more games that is far away … 🙂

{February 15, 2012}   …. Im cold`

idk whats is wrong but im really cold but im glad i got my math grade up a little.

{January 30, 2012}   hey

im bored

{January 27, 2012}   tardy party

i just want to get out of class … i need a break once in awhile…ad if they say its just chips ima be pissed of because i thought a “party” was full of snacks and hotdogs and hamburgers!!!

et cetera