Inspire me

{March 29, 2011}   April!

april is almost here im so happy about that … even though i dont really like spring, because of the bumble bees and wasps! They are terrifying to me. But most importantly.. when april comes, we only have one more month left of school , which clearly means, that this school year has really gone as smooth and quick for me. AND IM ready for the summer! woohoo! but hopefully i can get my grades up before this school semester ends. I always hurry up on grades during the last minutes, IDK why but for right im doing a little bit ok but hopefully im gonna get back on top of things again. (i ges i have gotten lazy) really got to stop doing that!!! šŸ˜¦ (:!!!!


{March 21, 2011}   my vacation

my vacation was ok. i went to altanta to visit my little baby cousin. Then im going back this weekend, and all i really did was relax. Just enjoyed my vacation.

OH MY GOSH! spring break is coming. NEW BLOG as well which i will probably change it now. hopefully. but i seriously cannot wait. Hopefully maybe go to the beach or pool and hang wit my friends. I know the last day of this week im going to the movies.. and thatsĀ  just the starting of it. YEA!!

{March 8, 2011}   …so much

iveeee been so busy … i cannot believe it. Im super tired. and i wanna change my blog tho lol. IDk if i should. Im so tired of all of this projects and work to do.

My brain is gonna be fried by the end of this week. I cant wait for spring break . I need a break!!!!!! After i accomplish all of my work im going to past out. ANDDDDD i need to get some stuff done as well. “*Grr*” I just need a nice, peaceful vacation yep.!!! -.-

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