Inspire me

{February 24, 2011}   I am so bored.

i mean like really , ive never witness anything so boring in my life!!!


{February 7, 2011}   THE weekend!!

my weekend was nice. my lil cousin came over and my uncle and we had a very nice time. so i enjoyed them.. and in about week im going to see them becuase a new born is coming in our family and we so happy!!! if i can go hopefully!

{February 7, 2011}   SuperBowl

i didnt really watched ..i just like watching the halftime show .. and i saw my fav group perfome black eye peas they were great.. and i saw christina aguilera she did an awesome job. the superbowl was alot better than last year. 🙂 g2g !!

{February 3, 2011}   Its cold outside

I am sooo freaking cold, im freezing in here! My hands are freezing and i am just BURRRRRRR!!!!! anyway.. i forgot that yesterday was groundhog and it was black history month, it just completely slipped my mind.!! oh well now i know, hopefully i will not forget about valentines day *.* 🙂

{February 1, 2011}   Music

Nicki’s Minaji Moment 4 life video is out !!

{February 1, 2011}   LASt weekend!!

YEAH last weekend was nice… i went to the mall to hang out with my friends and such. I had a blast!! Hmmm… and also i bought me a few things !! yay!!! okay well anyway i g2g!!!!!

{February 1, 2011}   i am …

great my friend isnt here today ..oh gosh im bored gotta finnish this project all by myself and whyyyy? well it has to get finnish today i dont feel like it 😦 and its raining outside .. soo tiring and sad..

i am completely overlyrated right about now 😐

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