Inspire me

{November 28, 2011}   i am

sooooo f@%$#!* tired and sick i want to get out of this fire pit…. my throat is f@#!$ sore im wasting my time in here, i just want to gooooo the F@#!&*% HOME. i dont want to do anything and this is B@#*&%!S@!$%*T



{November 18, 2011}   Whoa

i havent worked on this is sooooo long …. i am so ready for thanksgiving and a break from this fire pit!!

{November 9, 2011}   Im

Im cold tired and i have to useeeee the bathhhhhroooom rooom so f****ing bad and i cant wait for friday because I AM OUT THIS FIRE PIT!!!!

{November 2, 2011}   …… SUCKS

im tire and i have an reallllllyyy bad emergencey and i hate these stupid badges!!!

et cetera