Inspire me

{September 12, 2011}   OMG

LABOR DAY .. was the scariest day of my life … we were all over my uncles house for a bbq and that was the day the hurricane and it was getting dark outside and so we tried to leave to go home but..some trees had fell on one end of the road, because there is one way to get in and out.So we came back to the house and we were gonna wait till like someone gets the tree out the road, but it also had fell on a powerline (so thats dangerous). anyway one of my uncles left and he made it through and went home {this was the second time we had left} so we wanted to try it … then again it was another path where a tree had fallen so we couldnt go that way either. So we get to our way out and the road is blocked because a car had slid off to the road and this wrecker was trying to get it out. This is where is gets scary, so the wrecker was rasing the thing up to pull the car out… but the raising hit the powerline(it was already low because of the tree) so it hit and it start to fall. AND we were right under it. So as it fell, sparks and fire like went everywhere and eveytime it pop the fire grew bigger. It really was scary because i was thinking after that one fell then the others would fall too, becuase the electircity ws traveling down the lines and i thought the wire was gonna like pop a loose. so we had to get out of there . luckily no one was hurt. it was scary!!!!!!


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