Inspire me

{May 12, 2011}   I cant belive that its almost the end of the SChool year.

OMG!!! im excited (not about the exams tho) [[n im a lil bored ]] — upset to! but other than that.. im a-okay !! its really been a easy -breezy year and its been going pretty – well for my first year of high-school , i have friends , good grades and hoping to make more of the best 3 yearz coming up!! BUT IMMMMMMM so ready for the summer!! shorts, skirts, swimming, hanging out all nite..etc cant wait!!! tomorrow will be ok !!! TGIF–[[for tomorrow]]and im also freakin out on these exams n study guides. The best thing hopefully is to do it, pass it and take a chill-pill afterwards!! ;-| … n im exhuasted!!


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